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A Secret Chicken Liver Bait And How To Make It

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Hi Fisherman,

You've been signed up for my catfish information for 60 days now. (can you believe it's been
2 months since we "met"?) Today I want to give you probably one of the most unique "catfish catching tactics" I have ever seen.

There's an old school catfish fisherman I talk to a lot - and he's one of those real private guys, doesn't even want me to tell you his name... so I won't.

I'll jump right into it. This guy makes a chicken liver bait that is the single most powerful bait he's ever seen for catfish (especially channel cats).

Here's how he does it:

He takes 2 - 3 tubs of chicken livers and drains the juice off of them. Next, he lays them out on the concrete and covers them with garlic salt.

Then he lets them dry out a little bit either overnight or few a few hours in the hot sun. Don't let them try out too much though, just a little.

Next, put them in zip lock bags and dump more garlic salt all over them... then put them all in the freezer and freeze them. This will toughen up the chicken liver so that it stays on the hook better - because historically chicken liver doesn't stay on the hooks very well..

Then, go out fishing and hold on tight. Catfish (especially channel cats) will not be able to resist!


Now, here's another story about the Catfish Fishing Secret Weapon I got from Irv Fiala:



I dropped it in about 4 feet of water, and left it...when I came back 45 minutes later there were literally millions of minnows all around it. I couldn't believe it, and called my wife over to check it out - and she couldn't believe it either!

This thing is amazing!

Irv Fiala"


It will work for you too, and you won't know how you ever fished without it once you see how many catfish you'll be catching. You get the 4 gifts too - but only for a little while longer (don't say I didn't warn you).

Next, in just 4 days I'm going to send the final day of the catfish fishing mini course where I am going to pepper you with 3 final "little known" techniques for catching catfish. (One has to do with a highly visible bait that I mentioned before - but boy does it work. Again, I've already brought this up once, but it works so well I've got to remind you!)

See you then.

Gone Fishin',

Dan Eggertsen

President and Founder, Catfish Fishing Secret

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